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Welcome to our school!

At Churchdown Parton Manor Junior School our vision is centered around children fulfilling their true potential

Our aim is to empower our children to be effective learners, developing skills that will remain with them for life.  To that end we have agreed the following vision statement:

‘CPMJS - Positive Mind-set, Journey to Success.  We all strongly feel that to achieve, we must have a Positive Mind-set, fuelled by our Gem Powers in pursuit of becoming well-rounded; respectful citizens.'

Churchdown Parton Manor Junior School is set in large grounds and is on the same site as the Children's Centre and Infant School. We are committed to ensuring that the transition between schools is an easy one. We also have excellent links with Chosen Hill and Churchdown secondary schools.

As well as the playground area we have a multi-use games area, a nature and forest school area with a dipping pond, a tyre-park, an adventure trail and a large playing field.

We employ a range of strategies to fulfil our aim and achieve our vision to the best of our ability; of central importance is our commitment to high quality teaching, underpinned by a curriculum that is carefully designed to meet the particular needs of our pupils. Our core values of self-belief, respect and challenge and a strong element of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education provide a supportive and positive atmosphere in which to learn. We have also put in place a very clear structure to achieve high standards of behaviour and encourage parents to work closely with us to support this.

We have a strong sporting tradition, offering the children the opportunity to experience a range of sports including rugby, tennis and gymnastics. Children in the Lower School swim for two terms each year. The school participates in matches and tournaments against other schools and we also have a variety of in-school competitions between the house teams.

We are committed to the visual and performing arts. Our annual art exhibition showcases the work of every child and is open to the public, and all the children participate in our Christmas and summer shows. In addition, the Dance Club performs at the schools’ dance festival at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham and our choir is regularly asked to sing at concerts and other events in the community.

We are particularly proud of the way our ‘Gems Project’ has become an integral part of school life. This is designed to support children to become competent learners through the acquisition of a range of attributes such as independence, resilience, kindness and concentration … the list goes on!  Each of these qualities is represented by a different gem; the system is easily understood and motivates children to succeed. We have noticed that their learning improves significantly when they successfully develop and use their ’gem power’. The strong link between the gem characteristics and our core values means that we are constantly promoting their importance for every aspect of life.

We are very proud of the progress made by our pupils in all areas of school life. All sorts of achievements are rewarded with stickers, certificates and gem trophies in our weekly celebration assemblies and by ‘Golden Playtime’ at the end of every term.

The success of our school is driven by a team of experienced staff who are committed to inspiring learning and to developing and encouraging all our pupils to ‘be the best that they can be’.  The pride we take in all we do, shown by adults and children alike, was endorsed in our last Ofsted inspection (May 2013), when we were rated as a good school.

We look forward to seeing you!