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PE at Churchdown Parton Manor Junior School

CPMJS aims to provide all pupils with physical education that is both engaging and challenging, and appropriate to the needs of this age range. Physical education is therefore an important part of school life. With encouragement, challenge and support our pupils are given the opportunity and freedom to express themselves and to realise their potential in differing sporting contexts. We believe that our inclusive approach to PE provision not only contributes to pupils’ general physical and mental development and well-being, but also promotes self-esteem and confidence, refines and develops motor skills and supports the development of social skills. Through offering a movement-based curriculum consisting of wide range of popular sports and activities, we hope pupils will acquire new skills whilst learning about the value of physical education in leading a healthy lifestyle. We deliver our curriculum through a well-planned programme of lessons that teach skills, knowledge and behaviours to promote life-long fitness.

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